Boolarong Press History Talks

Boolarong Press have come on board at History Alive again this year, offering a range of in depth talks from their authors. Visit The Hall and take a seat to hear their passionate authors talk about what they know best…history!


Pearlies of a Stretcher Bearer

Speaker: Don Munro
Time: 11.00-12.00

Don will tell the story of a Queensland family that sent four members to the Great War. The diaries of the 19-year old Edward Munro (later MM) are a vivid account of the sheer hell of the life of a stretcher-bearer.


Crucial Errors

Speaker: Ted Duhs
Time: 12.30-1.30

Ted will discuss some of the cases that appear in his book, ‘Crucial Errors in Murder Investigations’. The book looks at mistakes made in police investigations that either led to the wrong person being convicted or led to no-one being convicted. He will cover the 1952 murder of Betty Shanks at The Grange, the 1991 murder of Leanne Holland in Goodna and the 1998 murder of Kathleen Marshall in Wilston.


Messmates Ahoy!

Speaker: David Gibson
Time: 2.15-3.15

John Clements Wickham, Charles Darwin… and the BEAGLE.

Many know of the voyage undertaken by Charles Darwin aboard the BEAGLE from 1831 to 1836. The ramifications of observances which took shape in the course of that voyage are still being felt to this day.

Not so well known is that also aboard BEAGLE on this seminal voyage was John Clements Wickham, later an explorer of the Australian continent in his own right and onetime Police magistrate and Government Resident of the Moreton Bay Settlement, living at Newstead House Brisbane.



World War II: Avation history

Speaker: Laurie Woods
Time: 11.00-12.00

Laurie Woods DFC flew 35 missions in Lancaster bombers over Germany as a bomb aimer/navigator during WWII. 49% of crew did not survive the war. Bomber Command had the highest losses of any unit in WWII. Hear how Laurie survived to tell the story.


Afghanistan: The longest war

Speaker: Stuart Yeaman
Time: 12.30-1.30

Afghanistan: the first battle of the next war or just more of the same?

Afghanistan has been Australia’s longest commitment and recently concluded without a firm outcome. What was such a long operation for? How did the Australian Army conduct itself and where? What does Afghanistan mean in the context of other conflicts that seem to continue unabated around the world.

Was Australia and NATO’s commitment to Afghanistan simply another chapter in that country’s long struggle or was it rather a grim presage of future conflicts? Stuart Yeaman will try and show what NATO and Australia were trying to achieve from 2001 to 2015 and what lessons from that conflict mean for the unstable future.


Three Brilliant Careers

Speaker Ross Davies
Time: 2.15-3.15

Brisbane author Ross Davies tells the inspirational story of three Australian women in WWI. Not content to remain safely in London, famous writer Miles Franklin and two lifelong friends, Nell Malone (Charters Towers) and Kath Ussher (Sydney), undertook a dangerous journey across Europe to join an all-female hospital near the frontlines in the Balkans. After the war, Miles and Kath drew strength from those experiences to forge successful literary careers in London and Hollywood while Nell went on to play an heroic role in one of the biggest scandals to rock 1920’s France.