History Alive Volunteer Team

History Alive: A Journey Through Time wouldn’t happen without the wonderful Volunteers who work year round to put the event together.

From putting up banners to creating the site layout, and organising stalls and displays, our Volunteer Team put in many hours of their time to make sure History Alive is as good as it can be.

Each member of the Volunteer Team come from different professional backgrounds and make History Alive happen outside of their 9-5 jobs, often taking on new areas they haven’t had experience in because they are passionate about sharing history and re-enactment with a wider audience.


Event Manager, Re-enactment, Entertainment & Program Coordinator: Jo-Ellyn Hynard

Security, Risk and Emergency Manager: Andrew Murray, ERMS Group

Safety Coordinator: Jason Armfield

Site Coordinators: Edmund de Groot & Ian Hynard

Performances Coordinators: Megan Gansberg, Craig Wright, Raymond Armitage

Marketing & Advertising Coordinator: Tevi Romanin

Stalls Coordinator: Danica Westacott

Historical Displays Coordinator: Maureen Lillie

Photography Coordinator: Jeff Fitzpatrick, JG Fitzpatrick Photography

Volunteer Coordinator: Bec Bird


If you would would like to get involved, please get in touch with the Event Manager.

2 Responses to History Alive Volunteer Team

  • We’re glad you had a great time, Christine! We hope your grandchildren will love the event as much as we do 🙂

  • We had an amazing time on Saturday, congratulations to a wonderful display all of you deserve great accolades for a job well done. We will be bringing our grandchildren as they get a little older to appreciate such a marvellous day of informative and educational insight to our past.

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