Fort Lytton National Park's cannons.

The QPA Field Cannons. Photo taken by David de Groot.

Fort Lytton National Park

History Alive and the Queensland Living History Federation have enjoyed a partnership with Fort Lytton National Park for the past 20 years. Fort Lytton is one of Queensland’s most important heritage sites (and one of the least known).

Its stories, around the themes of defence, health and immigration, are reflected in the unique buildings and hidden structures inside its boundaries. Fort Lytton is not just a rare 19th century Fort designed to protect the Brisbane from attack; it was also known in the early 20th century as the Lytton Quarantine Station, used to protect Brisbane from disease.

Fort Lytton National Park is a fascinating site to explore – from the famous 64-pounders, Queensland’s largest working guns to the fort itself, a maze with a past. In use throughout both World Wars, it provides a stimulating background to many QLHF Events and Group Training days.

Every Sunday, the Military Fort is open to Visitors from 10am to 4pm with free Guided Tours – don’t miss the bi-monthly Cannon Firings! Learn more about Fort Lytton National Park Heritage Precinct, the thrilling ‘Fort Lytton at Night’ Performances, plus discover how to book the Kids into one of the School Holiday Programs here.